Yosemite with Alex, Brendan & Russ

A week or two before Memorial Day, Russ somehow found a tent cabin in Camp Curry available for that weekend. Off we went to camp in the amazing Yosemite Valley!

The boys on one of the bunk beds in our tent cabin at Camp Curry. Needless to say, they slept on the top bunks.  We may have been in the middle of something close to paradise, but music on the iPod remained indispensable.

If only life was so simple! This was politically sensitive, of course, as are so many things when parents are recently separated. It was not scheduled to be my weekend with the boys, but with encouraging cooperation we got around that fairly easily.

Way to go, Marie-Hélène!

Also, neither Alex nor Charlie wanted to miss any school (in search of the perfect attendance record), but Brendan had the Friday off or was okay with missing a day. So Russ and he arrived Friday afternoon. Then Charlie hurt his foot on a trampoline the day before we left, and so could not accompany Alex and me after all. But he and I did make it, finally, late on the Friday evening. Russ and Brendan were there when we arrived in the Valley, already installed in the tent cabin.

Yosemite is for those of us who worship in the natural cathedrals that bless California. . . .

This complete post is now at https://iansmemoirs.com/yosemite-with-alex-brendan-russ/

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