2010 Summer Holiday: Week 2 with 3 of my boys

Au Café d'Enfer sur la rue Daguerre, Paris 14ième

Despite its name, this was a quaint rather than hellish café, located on a pedestrian street not two blocks from Tom’s home.

When Tom visited Santa Cruz in August 2009, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday in October. Touchingly, he asked for a beer with his dad in Paris, where he lives. Well it took a while, but we finally had that beer on July 12. He moved from Santa Cruz to Paris in January 2008, and this was my first visit there since his move. Tusk, tusk! Bad dad.

Apart from his social life, which clearly takes substantial time, most of what Tom does in Paris is centered around his music. He attends music school, where he works on voice and guitar. He plays guitar and sings in bars whenever he can, and seems to carry his heavy leather guitar case pretty much everywhere with him.

During the summer, he reduced the hours that he spent earning money the traditional way, in his case looking after little kids at a “centre aeré,” in order to spend more time playing his music. He figured out that busking is a way for him to play and earn money, as much money or more as taking care of children, without getting booked into a concert hall.

Making music, making money!

Tom arrived pulling his amplifier on a luggage carrier, unpacked it and hooked it up to the guitar, put his hat upside down on the ground in front of him, a discrete request for support, and started playing.

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