2006 Airstream Westfalia (no longer) for Sale

This post has been moved to https://iansmemoirs.com/2006-airstream-westfalia-no-longer-for-sale/

Oddly enough, it was the second most popular post of all in this blog, and in terms of comments made the most popular.  I prepared it as a backup to an eBay posting to sell this RV, and it duly sold back in 2010.


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10 Responses to 2006 Airstream Westfalia (no longer) for Sale

  1. Saroj says:

    Somehow I accidentally went right into your blogging about your trips and nearly forgot that I was led here by my interest in your Bis… uh… Cookie… what a totally delightful space to enter into… for the words, the pics and the very polished presentation… many thanks. I’m very interested in the RV actually, however, it doesn’t look like my timing will fit as I have to wait for my Williamsburg, VA, house to close on 9/30 or within a day or two of that date… if, for some reason, you don’t sell it before then, please let me know at above email address. I’m now living in Arcata, CA, so it wouldn’t be difficult to buzz down to Santa Cruz to have a look, but no use wasting your time until closer to 9/30. Sorry for the reason you are having to sell…


    • ianstock says:

      Thanks, Saroj, for your kind words. You may have noticed that Cookie did sell in the eBay auction, to a guy from New Jersey who came out the next weekend to pick her up. There are other Westies out there . . .

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  5. janineanne says:

    We’re getting ready to sell our Westy 😦 and in searching for other for-sale postings I found your site. I love your writing – I ended up reading several other posts while I was here. I’d love to chat about your experience with selling on eBay if you’re willing – you’ll have my email address after I submit this post.

    It sounds like you’ve turned the corner in the divorce process and are getting your life back. Congratulations! I’ve divorced and remarried myself, so I’ve been through it too.

    • Lynette says:

      Did you sell your airstream westafalia ?
      I am looking and would love to hear from you!

      • Ian Stock says:

        I did, Lynette, way back in October 2010. Boo-hoo! Good luck in your search.

      • Janine Ohmer says:

        Hi Lynette,

        We had a potential buyer but he has stopped responding to emails. Last I heard he was having trouble getting financing. I have given him until Monday to get back to me and then I’ll be contacting everyone else who has contacted me about it. If you’d like to be on the list, perhaps Ian can facilitate an email exchange so we don’t have to post them here?



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