Sentry Hill Reunion

By far the most popular post of all that made up this blog, it has been moved to

Reunions have become a theme over the years, reasonable enough, but I wasn’t technically one of those reuniting on this occasion. Of course, that didn’t stop me showing up!

I learned a lot.

As an example, if you like to laugh, this extract of Rob Elias’s autobiographical sketch is worth enlarging and reading. His career started with a job working for Cat Stevens!


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6 Responses to Sentry Hill Reunion

  1. Dennis Rose says:

    Ian, wow, thanks for a glimpse into boarding school life. Hopefully it is a declining custom.

  2. Not bad for a day boy!
    Happy New Year

  3. Yes you’ve pretty much nailed it Ian, thanks for taking the time!

  4. Mick Clark (aka "Ada") says:

    Was that was me in the spanking photo! Fantasies, Fantasies, Fantasies! It was!! It was!! What a great day, we’ll have to do a “Zimmer Reunion” in another 20 years. Thanks Ian, Stodge and John C for making it all possible.

  5. David Faber says:

    Some familiar faces there…

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