“So I’m Going Back to Canada . . ..”

. . . on a Journey Through the Past.” Neil Young wrote that. Perhaps he was living in Topanga Canyon at the time, outside of Los Angeles. Canada can look pretty nice from urban California.

A Canadian Pacific Railway freight, between Kamloops and Golden, BC, heading East. Each of those locomotives produces over 3,000 horsepower, and there are others further back in the train.

It’s been 38 years since my amazing summer job in Banff, Alberta, and I’ve been itching to get back there for a long, long time. Never made it, for one reason or another. For $70 per week, I kept the books for one of the transient summer youth hostels that then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau set up to encourage young Canadians to explore their massive country, a continent in every sense of the word, almost two-thirds of North America. The hostel was located just off the traffic circle where the main road into Banff left the Trans-Canada Highway. It was the perfect job, young people travelling, campfires every evening in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, millions of stars in the crisp night air and a bed in a staff trailer to fight off the cold.

Banff is a long way from Santa Cruz, . . .

This complete post can now be found at https://iansmemoirs.com/so-im-going-back-to-canada/

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